A Smarter Home
is a Safer Home

Control your home on the go using our innovative ADT Pulse App

ADT Pulse® is the smart solution that combines home security with automation and lets you manage, monitor and modify your home and security needs to fit your lifestyle. Think of it as remote home monitoring at your fingertips.

Customized Home Automation with Pulse

  • Close or open your garage door
  • Turn on/off your lights and appliances from your smart device
  • Unlock any door remotely
  • Adjust and schedule your thermostat

Garage Door Control

Can't remember if you shut the garage?

  • With ADT Pulse, you can check the status of your garage doors from your mobile device at all times.
  • Set up notifications to your phone whenever a garage door is opened
  • Secure your garage against unauthorized entry

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Smart Lights

Experience your home in a new light:

  • Voice command allows you to control your voice by speaking to your smart device
  • Remotely controlling your lights gives the appearance of being present even while traveling
  • Set your lights to turn on the moment motion is detected for added security

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Lock your doors from the next room or the next state

  • Open the door for expected guests while you are gone
  • Voice command allows you to unlock your door
  • Keep your keys tucked away with a push button keypad

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Make your HVAC smart and efficient

  • Control your heating and air while you're gone
  • Voice command allows you to control your HVAC
  • Receive custom alerts when something happens

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